Although gutter cleaning is a messy job, we make every attempt to remove all of the debris from the inside of the gutters and leaders. – Call 413.822.3835

The outside of the gutters and leaders are hosed down and all loose debris is rinsed off. Keep in mind, the purpose of a gutter cleaning is to ensure the functionality of the gutters – not necessarily improving the exterior appearance.

All gutters are cleaned by hand and flushed with the water coming from your outdoor spigot (we connect our own hoses). The system is then checked for proper pitch, drainage and structural viability. We also make every attempt to assess the condition of the fascia board and soffit to ensure that there is no damage and that all wood components (fascia, soffit, eaves, plywood, rafter tails, etc.) are in functional operating order. We also attempt to remove as much loose debris as possible on the roof eaves closest to the gutters. Excessive roof debris may be removed for an additional minor charge. After the gutters are cleaned, and the leaders are flushed, any debris that came off the roof or out of the gutters is raked up, bagged and taken away. Please keep in mind, we will only rake and bag the debris that we removed from the gutters and roof.

And, although we do not clean chimneys, our men generally check the chimney cap to see that it is securely fastened to the flue or crown. After the gutters have been cleaned and flushed, all debris is raked, bagged and taken away with us.

Psst….A word on roof debris – Call 413.822.3835

“Gutter cleaning” is just that – the cleaning of the gutters. A gutter cleaning generally includes removing debris from roof eaves (edges) and valleys. Some homes, however, have an abundant amount of roof debris (leaves, twigs, branches, seeds, pollen, etc.). Some times there is so much debris on the roof that cleaning off the roof takes as long or longer than the cleaning of the gutters. In cases like these, there may be an additional charge (usually around $25) to remove such amounts of debris from the roof. It should be noted that often unseen by the homeowner, roof debris that remains on the roof for long periods of time may accumulate around chimney flashing, skylight flashing, under valley shingles and many other places. Left alone, this roof debris will begin to decay and may cause shingle discoloration, premature shingle and wood decay and often worst of all, insect infestation.